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“As a warrior I am ALWAYS willing to be open. Why? Simply because I want to LEARN; I want to gain more personal power. If I am only ever wanting to prove to everyone around me that my knowledge is superior to theirs I will learn nothing new about MYSELF!!! Therefore I LISTEN to the other person with every fibre of my being AND I look at that person in terms of being a MIRROR for me. I can afford to do this and not feel inadequate, or attacked, or defensive, or uncertain, BECAUSE I have enough BELIEF in myself and my knowledge not to be brought off-balance by what the other person is pointing out or saying to me. By doing this I not only listen to the face value of what the other person is trying to say, but I try with everything I've got to grasp what lies BEYOND the face value of the words. In this way I can and do hear CLEARLY.”

Last Tuesday I decided to visit H, who is the mechanic with whom I had left my car 3 months ago for repairs, just before leaving to go to Europe.

As he had been busy, H hadn’t started work on my car when I returned on Monday, so when I went to see him on the Tuesday afternoon I had to wait a further half an hour for him to finish talking to another client about his holidays and the races that he does with his 4x4, going on and on.

I hadn’t been there for long when I noticed a tension in my neck, shoulders and face, and I thought “Wow there is a part of me that wants to knock this fellow’s block off”, so I made a conscious decision to disconnect and relax the tension in the areas where I felt them, which gave me something else to focus on. LOL

From there I was able to detach and to actually participate in the conversation, where in the past I normally would have gone down the pressure cooker route which didn’t contain a safety valve so I would explode, and the results would leave me feeling even worse about myself than before, scratching my head wondering why people were so difficult to connect with. LAMOF

The clarity that I was able to come up with, as a result of these tensions, had to do with 2 aspects relating to the flow of life vs my perception of that flow .

First where H was doing the best he can even though, from what I could see that, he doesn’t have tools to confront conflict in a constructive way and to be more real in his relationships, and secondly I wasn’t in the position financially to invest in these repairs 3 months ago.

This delay of H's has allowed me to do just that, where apart from saving towards these repairs I had left my business in the care of 2 ladies, and just before I returned from Europe the owner of the farm where I am renting a cabaña, contacted these 2 ladies wanting to speak to me to purchase one of our devices, which resulted in a sale for them, helping towards this repair investment.

Further support also came after arriving in Chile on Monday morning and then making my way back to Viña in time to catch the last part of a support meeting, for a course that I had attended in Estonia. I hadn’t even time to transfer my cell phone chip (which I had left behind so that the business could continue locally) back into my cell phone after the meeting had finished, when a client, C, we had met from 4 years previously, phoned me asking if he could replace his hand device as it had stopped working.

I then told him that I could see him the next day.

It turned out C used to live across the road from where I stay, and still has his trucking business at the same address, which has a mechanic working in his employment, plus he also is good friends with one of the owners of a large auto spare parts company.

I repaired his device on Tuesday morning, and shared with C where we as a group had gotten to since we had met him last, as well as my current situation with my car, and he offered to help with both aspects once I had spoken with H that afternoon, and also then proceeded to invest in our new technology for himself and his family.

On reviewing my state of being from before I left for Greece to where it is now, there are times in my life where I realize that the less I try to “force” the situation (even though my mind is telling me to do something else) the more beauty and wonder I am able to experience by connecting with the one life, and allowing myself to participate in this process of life. It is these experiences that I cherish, and which motivate me to continue my journey of adjustment.

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