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  • Identification, explained

Identification with the form side is the cause of our problems. It is what keeps us stuck.

When I started to look deeper as to what actually is happening I saw that identification was using my sexual energy to hold on to the form side. When I recognised this, I shifted the focus and I am using my sexual energy to identify with the Self rather than with the little self. In fact, all I am doing at the end of the day, no matter what technique I am using, is namely – to identify with my Self. The shift is from thinking to feeling and from goal to the journey comes naturally when the Self is in charge.

The Taro card for my direction is the Lover. Short story: On the picture, there is the man in the middle transfixed between two women having difficulties making a choice. Then the Eros (real sexual energy) is masking the Sun (the Self). So, my shift was really to turn around and face the Eros and to work with it so the Eros to shoot the arrow and connect with the Sun behind it.

How this works in practice:

My fiancée N. and I needed to move into a new apartment. So the hunt started. We went to see a few places and met up with 3 different agents. Instead of forcing the whole thing, I left the decision to come from the Self. So, I used my feelings to listen to and to guide me. We developed a relationship with only one agent. I experienced how N. was responding to what he was offering and how she was interacting with this agent. And of course, I felt good about him. So in a few days after we started with him, we found a place that we loved and was what we were looking after. The journey was most pleasant too and was not some hectic business.

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