Fluidity, of perception from Family Posts

  • Fluidity, of perception

I have recently been preparing to make a presentation at a conference in a new country, where I will also be having a stand to introduce and show our range of innovative products.

Such an event normally requires a fair amount of preparation and time. In the past I have tended to focus on the goal, rather than the process, which has resulted in rushing and feeling harassed as I strove to complete everything in time. There was little room for an adventure to unfold.

On this occasion I shifted my focus from the goal to the journey, which allows for an adventure to happen as the different steps are taken. I have also found that not rushing also allows for a more fluid interaction and for being open to receive support in different circumstances.

On this occasion I arrived at the airport with my baggage, and also quite a bit of sample stock, which put me way over my weight limit. I decided to be open and defenseless as I checked in my baggage. The lady at the check-in did not give the bags a second glance, while checking them through.

Then, when I arrived at my destination, I knew that the customs were on the ball, and there was an involved arrival form to complete. Normally I would have felt anxious as I declared my samples, but I felt at peace and engaged with the customs offices with warmth and shared a little about the conference I was attending. After a while and discussions between each other they waved me through, and gave me advice on what I should do on the next occasion.

A lesson for me has been to see the wonder of not reacting in an old habitual manner, but to remain fluid.