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  • Fluidity, of perception

To me the fluidity of perception has a quality, a feel to it as when I am being in a dream. There is more action in it and a sense of flow without logical limitations.

One of the ways I practice, for example, is when I am driving a car. The traffic is very much mirroring the social conditioning and most of the people who drive are angry with other people on the road and curse and swear. I see this not only as a waste of energy but also how this very action solidifies the conditioning and the stress on the road.

So, when I drive I do not do this. I accept what IS when it happens and without judging it I flow with it. When someone cuts me in or does something with a self-centred quality to it, I do not judge him/her or waste my energy to swear at them in righteous indignation. I do the opposite actually, say thank you silently or not, and move on. In this way, I am feeding my fluidity.

Man of Action