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Happy month, Happy August!:-)

I am currently flying from Tartu, Estonia to Helsinki and it is 9 degrees - and summer !Lol!

I have been here in Estonia for a “Journey of Adjustment Part I“ course with R’s mentees from his .Cocoon program for start-ups, plus some sundry individuals. What an uplifting course this has been! It is enormously en-couraging that there are individuals out there who are willing to apply new relationship techniques to their businesses – a new blueprint for doing business if you will.

Personally, the whole experience was for me one of mixed abundance.

I have the words of a gallant Scotsman (who accompanied an elderly lady to a Retreat in Spain) ringing my ears – “Never again!”, he declared! “Never again!” Lol! The manipulation had apparently been fierce! Lol!

I feel the same way about the way I approached this trip. “Never again!” - will I fly from North America one weekend and facilitate a course the next! This came about as a mix-up in dates so I knew all along I was “pushing it”, a statement I have come to understand and observe when I am about to go this route - and to rather take care of my body first.


I had flown into Estonia from the USA over the weekend, arriving Sunday late afternoon with what I hoped was plenty of time to do what shopping I required for 12 days and start course preparation sometime Monday. My hope was that I had plenty of time to settle in after the long journey and limited sleep.

Life had other plans!!

Monday I felt great! Tuesday arrived – to be a full day of preparation! Was not to be! For the first time in my life I experienced jetlag…..severe jetlag!:-(. I have been told many times that flying is East is tough on the body and when I have done these NA trips before I have managed them okay, lots of sleep required - but no jetlag. Now I know about the body not liking flying forward in time!

By the Tuesday morning I was bedridden and left the front door unlocked for 2 days so that if I needed help someone could gain access. Fear out of proportion. Lying there listless, what had come up for me, and was quite a trigger at first, was that part of me that fears I will experience burnout again, something I experienced 18 months ago. Like on this Monday and back then, I had felt fantastic - just before I ran out of adrenalin!

Even in my groggy state now I knew I had to tackle this fear and not take myself back to the past in fear of a repeat. Importantly, I am now super sensitive to the symptoms of burnout, symptoms I had previously ignored in my state of perceived immortal bliss! LAMOF!

This time two main symptoms were different – I was sleeping and eating. Previously I couldn’t eat or sleep for 10 days to 2 weeks. As I used my current state of being to recapitulate the 18-month-old event, I felt a huge weight lifting from my being – my focus had shifted completely – I was now back in the now and trusting I would be okay if I continued to take care.

I locked the door again. :)

Although the rest of the week was enormously challenging from an energy point of view, all turned out ok!!

This week is all about self-care, otherwise I will be of service to no-one!

Snuggle in for winter, Southern Hemisphere-ites, hope your summer weather improves, my Northern Hemisphere friends! :)

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