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  • Completion, explained

“Being GOAL orientated always brings about TENSION, and this tension manifests as ANXIETY! Relax INTO the process of life and the SAME tension becomes UPLIFTING and LIFE-SUPPORTIVE, as in the tensions inherent WITHIN the web of life, manifesting as EXHILARATION!”

This month in our company we are completing quite a few things. Some of those I set to start years ago! I am learning a lot about patience in the process and I find completion yet again is one of the things which bring vitality.

For example:

  • Our advertising system started to yield fruits finally from the last 2 and a half years as a result of step by step working in the same direction.
  • The 4 websites with a common thread of story are finally ready and by the end of December will be fully polished.
  • The affiliate system is working in a new way integrating all 4 websites.
  • The new production of the coMra Delta finishes as I am writing. We found a new manufacturer and we had to educate them from the beginning. The results are very good.
  • The social platform we started in the beginning of the year - - is finally open to everyone from our mailing list and to everyone who purchases one of our products.
  • 3 new products were developed and now we are running a crowdfunding campaign for them which will finish by the last day of December.

And of course, the list goes on…

The main method I was/am using in order not to get trapped by the tensions and to become goal orientated was: To glance gently and causally at all those that I mentioned above but not to stare at them. In this way the tensions indeed uplift me and move me! And in this way every step is executed and not overlooked. And yet, I was not trapped by every detail, that is, I am being in touch with the bigger picture too at the same time, while maintaining the focus. Expressed in other words:

“Form follows function and detail follows form. And function follows the purpose of the bigger picture.”

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