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“Furthermore, COMPLETION brings about VITALITY, but this can only take place when you see completion for what it truly is! For example, is a housewife's work EVER done? No! For no sooner have you washed, dried and packed away the dishes, when it is time to take them out and dirty them once more! The same with laundry, etc. And so with completion! Completion is forever folding back upon itself within the PROCESS of EVOLUTION! The trick lies in learning to work WITH the process, rather than AGAINST it.”

During these last couple of weeks, I did receive quite a lesson regarding the... relative factor of completion.

To cut a long story, I ended up experiencing a “hick up” of my chronic illness.

The positive aspect was that I was able to “read” the signs in my body in time, in order to begin taking the required healing adjustments. The illness was not “allowed” to progress further, which would have made recovery more timely and more difficult.

However, as is always the case in such circumstances, there remained the issue of my very low energy levels, which resulted in not being able to spend my usual amount of time and energy for my work. So, inevitably the issues that needed my attention and my best work/resolution, began piling up. This created some extra anxiety for me, which is a total “must not” for my illness.

Since panic is not a strategy, I decided that I needed one; the sooner the better.

Whenever, for whatever reason, I end up being inundated by work, I turn to my rational mind first. Maybe this is not the best of strategies for everyone, but I can assure you it works for Scholars, LOL! It goes without saying that I do not give the mind “free reign”, LOL; nevertheless, I trust its true faculties. I wanted to share and emphasise on that because many apprentices tend to give the rational mind a “bad name”, something that makes zero sense. We have it for a reason, and like all other tools, if we learn to use it properly it can prove to be an advantage. The problems start when we start believing its conclusions are the... gospel! LOL.

It never ceases to amaze me how easier life becomes when we implement the proper use of a(ny) tool. In my line of work, there exists the concept of “deadlines” and therefore the process of prioritisation is, mostly, a “no brainer”. Once I have a list of the deadlines, I also have my priority list as well.

And here comes the point, when I have to “thank” my rational mind for its assistance and “allow it” to gently fall back into its proper place! Why?

The moment I begin tackling the items on my list via taking action, there comes the support from power, which always follows action. Sometimes the support is obvious, sometimes it is more subtle. But it is always there. And in order to register it and try to “enlist” it for my benefit, I need my feeling faculties. Had I chosen to remain in the rational mind, I’d be going through the motions of my list, ticking items along the way, mistakenly perceiving that “ticking” process as “completion”!

Such an approach, views the concept of completion as simply the process of getting rid of obligations. But, then... what’s in it for me within this completion process? I may be getting rid of obligations but am I just giving away without receiving anything for me?

That is why the FEELING faculties need to be implemented. Because once I register the support and I try to make it a part of my action/strategy, then I also realise what has been there for me to tackle any particular challenge.

It is not THE completion, of course; just A completion!