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"A warrior, on the other hand, listens to the world and most especially to its sounds.”

In my recent article about my main not-doing I shared how I tend to listen with the whole body rather than just with the ears. I would like to write about a different aspect of the art of listening, the way I perceive it. Namely, that in order to truly listen I need to be free from sympathy or antipathy, likes and dislikes…being interested or not.


I like when talking on the phone to be short and to the point. I do not like long conversations and all that.

The other day I received a call from my mother. I cleared the issues she was interested in quickly. However, she was insisting on talking a lot and on top of that talking up a storm about things that my mind was not the slightest interested in. I shifted to the point of being free of likes and dislikes by listening to the sounds. So, I entered a beautiful state where I could perceive something that I would say is love.

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