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“If, on the other hand, we make decisions based upon our HEARTS we KNOW for a fact that we do NOT know, and therefore whatever the results, they are for ever in the realm of an EVOLUTIONARY process, a process that guides us from one step to the next! But in BOTH cases, all our actions, all our decisions, are nothing more than FOLLY, for our fates are going to unfold regardless! So, yes, the wise man, rather than breaking his HEAD trying to figure it all out, simply ACTS upon what FEELS right for him, without prejudice, without preconceptions of what the results SHOULD be, and then ACCEPTS with HUMILITY the consequences of his actions. Such ACCEPTANCE is then in the nature of CONTROLLING his folly, rather than trying to AVOID it!”

Living in the heart is state of not knowing and not wanting. So, it is neither the rational mind nor the emotions. This is a fact and it is. This state is in the now. Our actions from this state are then a real not-doing. However, the consequences of the actions are again something that we face with not knowing and not wanting. So, indeed the nature of controlling the folly is in accepting fully what it is in every moment.


I was drinking coffee and an iced green tea in one cafe. During this I was watching and listening in silence. The intensity of silence increased and deepened.

I asked for the bill and when the waiter brought it I started to count the money to pay. I was counting and counting and still did not know whether it was the correct amount - something that on the face value should be very known. There was no worry or feeling of being stupid. I was feeling alive, light and fascinated with it. As I gave the money to the waiter he looked at it and said: “Sir, you give more money” and then returned me some amount. I did not feel inadequate or something like that. I felt rather oneness with the man and everything around.

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