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  • Impeccability, meaning of

As you know, during this past month, we had decided to launch our TL campaign, in order to reach out to as many people as is possible. We set a specific date and we worked towards materialising it.
However, just a few days before the due date, I began experiencing internet issues. All of a sudden, while I would be working on my computer, the internet signal would just disappear. Sometimes it’d come back soon and other times it’d take a while before returning.
I shall spare you the long story and the battle with MA and bureaucracy. At some point, the internet provider’s technician arrived to check my connection. I found him to be quite a knowledgeable man with a strong willingness to co-operate with me. His feedback regarding the problem was the following:
The modem placed in the provider’s box (p.b.) right across the street from my place would “invite” the modem placed in my apartment to compare data and cross check their compatibility. For reasons that have to do with the cabling between the two modems, cabling that goes under the road between my apartment and the p.b, the p.b. would act as a DISTRACTION for my modem and would make it detect incompatibility. So, both modems automatically would enter a re-starting process that might last however long. His recommendation:
Given the overall financial situation here in Greece, the provider would never undertake the cost of sending workers to stop the traffic in the road between the p.b. and my apartment, dig until they find the cables and replace them with new ones in order to function properly. The provider would rather lose me as a client. But even if I changed providers, the new one would have to use the same cabling; so, I’d just find myself in the same situation.
In order to avoid the catch-22 situation above, his practical suggestion was this:

  • Reduce the internet speed of my connection as depicted in my contract with the provider. Even though the provider has been offering such a fast connection, the p.b. cabling cannot support it.
  • Acquire a new-technology internet stick and attach it to my modem as a “back-up”. Anytime the internet signal would disappear, the stick would automatically connect me with mobile satellite internet.

Obviously, all the above has been just the face value. There was no way that this had been a “coincidence”, especially shortly before launching a TL campaign. So, I got busy with the message beyond the face value. Here is what I’ve been able to come up with so far:
I first examined the cause of the problem. The “outside” modem had been functioning as a DISTRACTION, creating ILLUSIONS of incompatibility.
Given what is going on in the world today, it was not that difficult to explore this. During the past few months, we have all been bombarded with all sorts of distractions: pandemics, apocalyptic scenarios and, mostly, FEAR. However, the million-dollar question is:
WHY is “my modem” calling it forth and WHY does it decide it is incompatible with what the “outside” PROVIDER’S modem brings forth?
While working with this, it took only a little honesty with myself to realise that the illusion of incompatibility was being created by me being JUDGE-MENTAL towards the people who seemed to buy into the official narrative. I saw them walking around WEARING their masks/fear and I kept “looking down” on them as if I were some “wise man” judging from “above”. My self-importance had indeed shown its face! The technician with a special device examined the recent activity of the two modems and in just one day counted as many as 37 re-starts. Power kept “re-starting” me to make me compatible but I was not getting it. AND the negative aspect of 37, if I’m not mistaken, is -10, a lack of impeccability.
Once I had realised that much, I got busy with the, beyond the face value, message inherent within the technician’s suggestions:

  • Reduce the internet speed of my connection as depicted in my contract with the provider.
    I felt that the message here was to revert to the Toltec age-old axiom of “make haste slowly”. As we know from the teachings, this is not an admonition for... procrastination, LOL, but an invitation to somehow slow down in order to be able to view the FULL picture.
  • Acquire a new-technology internet stick and attach it to my modem as a “back-up”. Anytime the internet signal would disappear, the stick would automatically connect me with mobile satellite internet.
    Out of the mobile internet as a back-up, I got the message for a need for more FLUIDITY in order to be able to connect with the Spirit as well.
    When I had reached that point in working with my recent internet issues, I realised that, like ALL challenges, this one as well was totally inter-linked and inter-connected with everything going on in my life at the time. I entered an intro-spection mood and it did not take me long to figure out that, regarding our TL launching, I had become goal oriented.
    This IS an age-old challenge, at least for me. Whenever I feel a strong sense of purpose about whatever, eventually I allow my little-self to hijack the whole process and start creating targets. Before I know it, the process of materialising my purpose becomes a goal orientation process. Once I am in “goal orientation mood” it is not long before the self-doubt creeps in, triggered by my f.l.o.p. (which is that I am unworthy because I am incompetent).
    So, I realised that I had been worried about the outcome of our TL launching. Would it be successful? How many people would we be able to reach? Would humanity respond to us? And so on. In other words, instead of just focusing on doing an impeccable job, I went as far as contemplating on the result, as if it were within the sphere of my control.
    The strategy I devised since is this: Focus on placing one FOOT in front of the other, try to keep a view of the full picture and make haste slowly. Impeccability does have a most liberating aspect. It cuts through the chase and keeps one free from worries brought forth by the goal orientation. It also keeps one humble instead of being JUDGE-MENTAL!