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  • Impeccability, meaning of

“Stepping over an emotion is an altogether different kettle of fish, and a MOST useful technique! Stepping over an emotion is as simple as ACKNOWLEDGING one’s emotion, and then WORKING with it with SKILL IN ACTION! For example, if you become hugely angry, you acknowledge that anger to yourself and then USE it to fuel your clarity, your sense of courage and above all, your ACTIONS! In other words you make the anger work FOR you in the moment it arises!”

I have been percolating on what has been happening in society with the lockdowns etc., especially here in Chile where the wearing of masks is obligatory in public, and they have even been enforcing that your mask must cover your nose when you are in your car which I believe to be ridiculous, and abusive of my human rights.

When researching an article from the USA which explains the benefits of masks, and how the different quality masks can still provide up to 40% protection if I cough on someone, I had a “funny” realisation that this would be true if I intentionally wanted to cough on someone.

This also supposes that my parents never educated me in common human decency, and that I lack the intelligence to turn my head away, or at the very least I choose to not cough into my hands or elbow. LOL

Putting this aside, I realised that neither my reasons, my realisations nor the justifications from the officials were what mattered in reality.

What was more more important for me was whether I wanted to invest any energy into this process, as I saw this as a further opportunity to peel back another layer of my sense righteousness.

From this realisation, I recalled a time when I first started doing self development courses, and the presenter who I shall refer to as a Dapper Fox, very ably proceeded to demonstrate how people would go to Hyde Park and stand on their boxes expressing their views and their righteousness going on and on…, and this is fine for those who find it important to so.

This recollection let me see the humour in the behaviour, and I was then able to acknowledge the emotions coming up for me. From there I was able to let them go once I had some clarity on my mental processing.

When I went to go and do some shopping later, I was able to co-operate with people in a more light hearted manner, even though there was a sense of oppression with the extra military and police presence walking in the streets enforcing the rules.

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