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  • Time, ARTICLE ON

We are conditioned to believe patience is something like tolerance or akin to it. But this understanding is something that comes from the rational mind and I found out that tolerance is rather hypocritical.

Through many experiences, I realised that the true patience is an ability to go out of the mind and hence mind’s perception of time. When I am in that state I feel peace, serenity and stillness. I love patience.

I developed patience on my journey mainly via my ability to listen with the whole body. Patience and true listening support each other and as a result persistence in our true nature blossoms. In this way relating in depths is possible.

Today, I initiated a conversation with my wife about her son and his girlfriend since they are visiting us these days. Patiently, I was listening to my wife to a point where not only a deeper connection of intimacy was experienced but also understanding of the challenges of the current generation of young people. As a result we can respond to them intelligently from a perspective that is deeper and more inclusive.

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