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“Generally speaking we are all willing to give others time, but when it comes to ourselves, we really give ourselves very little. For example, if you are a single person and you have someone coming over to dinner, you will cook, set the table nicely, complete with flowers and candles. But how often, if ever, will you do this for yourself? However, if you do not love yourself, then why should anyone else love you?"

A social group I belong to started webinar meetings on Friday evenings a few weeks ago due to the group not being able to meet in person as a result of the local quarantine.

I joined these meetings where we would each have drinks while talking about what is going on in our lives, and after the 2nd meeting I realised that I was starting to feel uncomfortable investing time in a virtual group supporting other people’s behaviour, where I could be using this time more constructively.

As I already participate in other webinar meetings at RLT and ISM, which leave me with a sense of connection and exploration, I have a very different reference for what is supportive.

The following Friday during the day before the next meeting, I went to see a friend who had invited me to his house to use his internet for work if I so required. As we had not spoken for a few months we had some fun talking, which then led to us sharing lunch together where I experienced a sense of connection.

After reflecting on the day and my feelings, I decided that evening to invest the time in making a meal for myself with a decent glass of wine, rather than participating in yet another gathering with the social group where the main topics are what happened in their lives many years ago where I wasn’t even present. :-)

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