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The movement of self-respect is something that does not cease. It is an inside movement of self- inquiry. My preferred way is with the pause. By pause I mean:

“Attention is not what you have become conditioned into believing it is. Attention is a true pause. To pause implies being suspended without internal dialogue — a state of awareness in which there is total objectivity, detachment and respect.”


Today, my wife N. and I went for a dinner by the beach. In my city, there are plenty of restaurants that are on the beach. We wanted to try a restaurant that we have not been to. So, we found one new.

When we sat however, all of a sudden we felt off tune with each other. The conversation was not going. However, before the downward-spiral dynamic to happen I initiated a pause. My wife joined in. It took around 5 minutes we to come to a clear space from where we can start to relate. It became light and joyful and we shared some jokes as well. In fact, the food was horrible but this fact did not break the touch with ourselves.

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