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“The hunter, on the other hand, trusts in his ability to hunt, and therefore has the confidence to know that he does not have to worry. But in order to have such confidence one must cultivate it by choosing how one interacts with the world around one. The hunter chooses not to seek the approval or the support of others. He does not make this choice out of any sense of arrogance or aloofness, but simply because he has enough self-respect to acknowledge his own abilities and worth. As a result of his self-respect the hunter also harbours a very deep respect for the world around him, for he knows that if he is to live off the land he must live in harmony with it.”

I am currently developing a friendship with a new friend T, who is very interested in working our Holistic Medical Technology, and we share a lot of common ideas about life and philosophy. As he has some aches and pains, we have an agreement in place where he comes to my cabaña to treat these conditions, and when I need access for his transport services he will provide them for me as form of exchange of energy to keep things in balance. We are also working together with his network of contacts to introduce the concept of coMra to them, and where possible to sell the devices, so that he is able to purchase his own device from the commission he will earn from the sales.

During our discussions the topic of further collaboration came up, and one of the businesses that T is working with is that of growing mushrooms of the type that help people expanding their consciousness :-), and this led onto to us exploring whether we could share living conditions together to which I was open to.
T then jumped 3 weeks into the future as he would have liked for us to start sharing a place by the end of that week LOL (and I was still getting used to the idea), where he then arranged for us to visit a property in an ecological community the following day.

Later that day I received a message where Olaf my neighbour’s dog was growling at me which I perceived to be out of character as I have been working on developing a better connection with Olaf, and he has had been coming over to sleep during the evenings on a blanket that I had placed for him on my lounge carpet for the last few weeks.

I was busy pondering this, why he would be irritated by what I can only interpret as me "invading" his space, when I realised that in the context of moving house T’s program and mine were 2 very different things, and I got the sense that he was totally focused on the goal and that we could end in a house that could very likely end up in an unpleasant conflict if we followed his agenda, because we hadn’t taken time to consider the possibilities or the consequences, or even explore other options.

Once I had this realisation, I felt more settled I was able to relate my concerns to T, who then realised that we didn’t have to find a new place yesterday, and that we could explore a few more options, and take some time to consider the options before deciding on the location. :-)

The next day we went to see the house near Limache and I was able to be more detached from the outcome, especially when the estate agent started with tactics to try manipulate us into committing to taking the property “as other people were interested” etc., and then we also had to jump through a lot of hoops to pacify the owner.
I let T know that I was going to play the role of the uncooperative tenant to explore their willingness to have us as a tenant and to see what our options were, where we were then able to have some fun with the process.

We are still in the process of exploring our different projects, however this is now happening in a more relaxed calm manner. :-)

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