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  • Potential, unfolding of

From an early age I was very curious about the world. I was always asking questions and wanting to know more about how things worked. Practical things inspired me, though, like my chemistry set, rather than school lessons. Fortunately my parents and grandparents never tired of explaining things to me and were a source of great learning. I also spent a lot of time alone, in nature, and I found that through these periods of quietness I was able to gain insights into the bigger picture of things, as opposed to the details. I also felt a greater sense of connection to all of life around me.

As school life became more full-time, my focus became more on survival - completing the tasks ahead of me and doing well in my studies. Over time, my sense of exploration and adventure became more hidden in the daily noise of school-life, and then work- and social-life. On the few occasions that I took time off to be in nature I was able to get in touch again with my ability for insights and sense of connection, but was not able to put these to any practical use, because of my work and lifestyle then.

Then, one day, I had the opportunity to start a business which was all about introducing a new type of healing approach and technology to the world. This business combined a range of different specialities, including web design, sales, marketing, healing, medicine, science. Suddenly I was discovering and bringing out potentials that I never knew existed.

To begin with, and for a long time, I was very hands on, and learned much through experience. Recently, though, I expanded my team of support to include a lot of admin, marketing, video creation, social media and systems implementation. This has involved building relationships, whilst letting go of the need to micromanage. As our relationships have grown, the letting go has become easier. The result of all these things is that I now have more time and space to explore my insights and to dream.

My role has changed from constantly being busy with “doing” to directing. This change gives me the freedom to explore and express my creativity, as well as the ability to interact and build relationships with a growing number of people, and so to uncover more of my potential.