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“Our Unrealised Potential

Is it not much more accurate to claim that we only really know what we have become in life because of the experiences we have had, how we perceived those experiences, and how our thinking and our emotional responses towards others and towards the world around us have become conditioned so as to be socially acceptable?”

I recently had an opportunity to work with the E W S N flow when staying with a friend and her 3 daughters, where her 3 year old daughter decided to start treating me the same way she treated her mother, believing that I was also there to do her bidding. LOL

I shared with T how her daughter L was such a strong mirror for me when she started throwing her temper tantrums at not getting her way, and also that I saw a level dedication/single mindedness in L pushing to get her way as something to be nurtured, beyond her bad behaviour.

This for me was setting the stage in guiding T to take action in a more timely manner, rather than waiting for L to continue pushing T until she “forced” a result out her mother. To provide context for T, I shared with her the benefits of having a structure or clearer boundaries for children.

Two days later L decided to test me again (after I had disciplined her previously, and then had been reported to her mother, LOL), where she promptly ran to get her mother to “save” her again, and instead of getting defensive myself, I then reminded T of our previous discussion.

Fortunately T supported me in the decision I had made, and what was special and rewarding to see was how L’s mental processes were going on, analysing to see whether she could still manipulate the situation to her benefit, and when she realised that the adults had provided a unified front, there was a “Oh well, it was worth a try!” moment <g>, where she then promptly let her attitude go and started playing a different game, forgetting all about the conflict.

Through this experience I was able to detach from my own social conditioning, seeking to achieve harmony in the solution, knowing that were I to stay within my social conditioning very little learning would have resulted from my participation.

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