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"If we were to summarise this third insight, it would be appropriate to refer to it as revealing that great law known as the Law of Transfiguration, which is equally the law of intent, as well as the law of love and warmth. Through this great law we learn not only to embody the purpose of the spirit, but we also learn that to embody that purpose is to find the meaning in life; namely, the Yellow Rose of Friendship. We learn to create, we learn to conceive, to evolve our awareness, and above all, we learn to love and to be loved, and we learn how to give expression to warmth, and how to receive warmth. Furthermore, through this law we also learn what it is to approach the world of the nagal, and we learn that the gateway into that world is indeed love and warmth; the south, the place of power, and therefore also of energy, dreaming and transfiguration. And it is here in the south where we come to grasp that there is but One Life, one spirit, and therefore that all is truly interrelated, interdependent and interactive, leading to that inclusiveness which reveals the Eye of the Eagle, intent, and the Christ principle."

During the past several days lots of New Year wishes were flying around and I noticed that love, warmth and joy were by far on top of many wish lists. Well, this new year I also heard some wished lots of antibodies but that is still uncommon, LOL! What I found fascinating is that normally people complain about other people's behaviour, bad economy or corrupt politicians and NOT about lack of love or warmth in their lives.

But we intuitively we still feel what is of true importance in life.

I have two examples in my recent memories of nurturing two similar endeavours.

Both projects started from friendship - we got together, enjoyed each other's company and shared of each other. But the first project grew into a very commercial, profit-based thing. We were hiring staff and paying salaries like any other company would do. And in it time I lost heart in such approach. There were many things happening and it was not the business model as such but I could see a huge difference when someone was doing his or her job because it was a Path with a Heart or because it was in the job description. And sure enough, when I searched my own feelings I realised that I no longer could find joy in what I was doing.

And now I work with a different group of people. We found each other more spontaneously, out of enjoying what we do and of sharing a common vision. Will this project make a commercial success? Who knows? But creativity is flowing and I feel inspired to move forward. This approach feels so much richer and free in expression.

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