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“If we were to summarise this third insight, it would be appropriate to refer to it as revealing that great law known as the Law of Transfiguration, which is equally the law of intent, as well as the law of love and warmth. Through this great law we learn not only to embody the purpose of the spirit, but we also learn that to embody that purpose is to find the meaning in life; namely, the Yellow Rose of Friendship. We learn to create, we learn to conceive, to evolve our awareness, and above all, we learn to love and to be loved, and we learn how to give expression to warmth, and how to receive warmth.”

I have recently relocated to a new home 340km to the South of where I lived previously, and I have been exploring, going out and connecting with new people where I can. So far this has been quite uplifting and rewarding. :-)

One of these meetings I had was with a restaurant owner whom I had met while waiting for a numbered cue to send a parcel at the courier company next door to his restaurant, deciding to have an enjoyable meal while waiting to send the parcel instead of standing around and waiting, and the restaurant owner turned out to be a very sociable and friendly person, much to my pleasure as I had not experienced this warmth locally for quite a few years. :-)

This gentleman then offered to put me in contact with a few people that he knows being impressed by what we do, and one of these people is a lady who is practising a therapy called the Art of Living where active breathing control is emphasised.

On phoning the lady a few days later, I arranged to meet P and her mother for lunch the following day as well as to share how our technology works and possibly do a treatment or 2 to demonstrate the benefits, however I decided to go and meet the ladies without any expectations and to stay open to any new experiences to learn more about the region.

Little did I know that learning about the region was exactly what I was about to experience. :-)

When I arrived at their house the following day at the agreed time, P’s mother was still preparing lunch, and the 2 of us started sharing, where I discovered that they lived on a sizeable piece of land which P’s father had maintained, farming various products until he passed away 3 years before.

P had returned to the farm at the beginning of this year, after a fairly successful career with a locally well known wine producer, deciding that she wanted to dedicate more time to herself plus wanting to help her mother with the farm, and is also now in the process of studying to become a yoga instructor.

After an enjoyable lunch P offered to show me around the farm, however I realised that something more was in the offering when a Farmer’s daughter says to you that she should be taking a spade with her, while she is offering to give you a tour of her farm. LOL

The next thing I knew we were in their orchard of Kiwi trees, redirecting the water channels that they use to irrigate the trees, in my shorts and slipon’s, wholly unprepared for this change in direction, but having lots of fun learning some of the processes how kiwi fruit are produced. :-)

As I had arrived with no expectations, I believe that I was able to create meaningful connections, and P has expressed an interest in helping me present our technology to her group of friends and acquaintances, though I will also be attentive to not allow myself to be installed as a farm worker LOL, as I can see that P and her mother have quite a lot of work maintaining the land that they have.

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