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  • Warmth, requirements for experiencing

Often, at the end of a year I have the feeling to be away from towns, and to be in nature. So this New Year’s Eve I decided to go to a remote part of the countryside, which has the reputation for being arid, with a stark natural beauty. The journey took about 5 hours and I arrived at 6:00 pm, about 30 minutes before dinner - just in time to unpack and change.

I met the owners, and was struck by their genuine warmth and sincerity. This was apparent in their light and caring approach, not only towards me, but also to their children, animals, the other guests and to the whole property. Even though I had had a long drive, I felt relaxed and at peace. We sat for dinner at one shared table, and the atmosphere of warmth permeated through the evening. There were about 18 guests, mainly couples and their children, and I often feel uncomfortable in these situations, as there can be a fair number of tensions and also competitiveness. However, on this occasion there was a genuine quietness and sharing. I can also often feel the odd one out, being single and with no children. I participated with warmth and humour and also learnt a lot, like, for example, about the extremely harsh nature of competitive tennis training at schools. We all enjoyed an evening with real connections and did not feel the need to stay up till midnight.

This embracing of warmth and nurturing has stayed with me, and I have observed it being reflected back to me constantly in my interactions ever since.