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Happy February!! Welcome again to 2021!

I would love to say it looks different from 2020 but finding myself once again living under a regime of harsh lockdown rules, I cannot yet say conditions on the ground have changed!! :-( Except around the world we are now more obviously polarised than I have ever experienced before. In my country (South Africa) this seems always to have been the case, but now I see it everywhere – and one half believe they are right, and the other half believe the first half are wrong! And vice versa! Lol! At face value there appears to be little middle ground for intelligent cooperation.

However, I believe there are also more people now than ever before who are taking responsibility to light their own inner candles and soon that collective light must shine through! I am ever hope-full and truly believe that “although the human spirit can be waylaid and delayed, it can never truly be defeated.” (T Mares)

“As I have pointed out before, what difference does it make who is right and who is wrong? The ONLY important thing is to co-operate intelligently towards uncovering new knowledge, most importantly, about YOURSELVES! With respect to this, look at it like this:

If I know for a fact that I am right, meaning that I know from EXPERIENCE that my knowledge is correct, but someone decides to challenge me on my point of view, because of the fact that our two views stem from differences in knowledge, I would be a fool not to stand firm in my knowledge.

But the question is, how to do this?

As a warrior I am ALWAYS willing to be open. Why? Simply because I want to LEARN; I want to gain more personal power…”

For me this past month has been a whirlwind of never-ending deadlines – accounting for financial year ends around the world; auditors’ deadlines; the taxman’s never-ending queries and deadlines; CPD (Continuing Professional Development) deadlines etc, etc. And so it has gone on unrelentingly for the whole month. January always brings me deadlines, so this was no surprise, except this year there just seemed to be more of them than past years!

Why? What was the difference? One of the main differences this year was the timing of my need to complete my CPD Plan for the past year. All the rules for completion changed this past year, even the deadline which heretofore was the end of December, with a declaration of compliance to be submitted the 31st December. This time around the deadline was, yes, you guessed right, the 31st January 2021!

The next question arises then - so why was this changed? And therein lies the rub! Lol!

In the work that I do I find the learning parameters in my CPD curriculum rather limiting. I mean I tend to have an approach of only learning and updating myself if and when the need arises in the field of accounting and tax etc, so come the end of a CPD year I have taken the latter part of December to sit down and complete assignments, attend recorded webinars and access CPD catch up packages that get sent out as support for the likes of me at that time of the year. Lol! So I am not alone in this procrastination!

So this year when we were given a January 2021 deadline, I sat down in the midst of all the January deadlines to best slot in time to complete my CPD program for the past year!

And lo and behold, on deeper investigation, the whole CPD requirements regime has changed!! And I needed to have started in detail with planning for the year ahead - a year ago!! Planning, Action, Reflection, self-assessment of competence, professional values and attitudes, enabling and future competencies, technical competencies, more planned action, actual action, more deep reflection - and so on and so on it went! Aaargh!

My first re-action was “Dang! This is now SO complicated! What a bunch of idiots that put this together! It is going to take me forever and I just don’t have that amount of time to dedicate to this! It has little relevance to what I am doing! After all, I am these days on the periphery of all these financial subjects so why am I painted with the same brush as those who are registered auditors and accountants in public practice!? Mutter, mutter, mutter!” Lol!

I returned to more demanding items on the list. But time was getting shorter and shorter and so I made a gap to sit down and absorb the new structure. I first decided to change my attitude and approach to one of “willing to be wrong”. Not actually being wrong, you get it? Just willing! LOLOL!

I found a template online and following the detailed guidelines I went step by step – and lo and behold – the SHIFT from what was previously required is ENORMOUS! The whole approach has shifted from QUANTITY of hours based to QUALITY i.e., outcomes based and totally linked to the number of learning needs depending on the nature of the work I currently am undertaking and the future roles I may wish to assume or grow into.

In other words, I have been given licence to track whatever it is I AM doing in my life and the emphasis is now on LIFELONG LEARNING, not just academic schooling, so to speak! Eureka! This is one WHOLE profession that has shifted the focus dramatically – in one short year!!

The good news is I now have benchmarks from which to launch myself for 2021!! The “bad” news is I am having to comb through all my doings in addition to accounting and tax for the past year and document these…. I have until midnight tonight! Lol! (Tonight being 31st January 2021) The GREAT thing is I am able to list things I have achieved this past year that I heretofore was taking for granted in many ways; not acknowledging them as part of “a lifelong learning experience”!

(I wonder if they will accept international travel achievements in the midst of a covid year! I managed to visit Hawaii, Canada, Austria, Slovakia, Estonia, S Africa, Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, South Africa!! And learn to wear masks on airplanes and have swabs stuck up my nose! Wow!)

And this afternoon a fight erupted in the change rooms at my yoga studio as to whether the yoga instructors should allow us to breathe out either through our mouths, or noses, in class! Both sides were RIGHT!! Lololol! Me? I am ever so grateful just to have a studio to go to!! Zoom just doesn’t cut it like a real class, no matter what the breathing regime is! Lol!

And maybe I am wrong! Lol!

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