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  • Right, versus wrong

“As a warrior I am ALWAYS willing to be open. Why? Simply because I want to LEARN; I want to gain more personal power. If I am only ever wanting to prove to everyone around me that my knowledge is superior to theirs I will learn nothing new about MYSELF!!! Therefore I LISTEN to the other person with every fibre of my being AND I look at that person in terms of being a MIRROR for me. I can afford to do this and not feel inadequate, or attacked, or defensive, or uncertain, BECAUSE I have enough BELIEF in myself and my knowledge not to be brought off-balance by what the other person is pointing out or saying to me. By doing this I not only listen to the face value of what the other person is trying to say, but I try with everything I've got to grasp what lies BEYOND the face value of the words. In this way I can and do hear CLEARLY.”

Due to Covid restrictions when travelling around Chile 2 processes are required for this to happen, especially if an area you are travelling in is in quarantine (phase 1) or in preparation (phase 2). One is a work permit, and the other is a health declaration (where you state the origin and destination of travel + that you haven’t been in contact with people with covid and that you aren’t experiencing any of the symptoms).

I was recently asked to assist an ex-husband (M) of the lady (T) where I am currently staying, as M had to travel across regions to get back home from visiting his children, and he wasn’t sure whether he would require these declarations.

After M had completed his work permit document, we then entered into a “discussion” about the time validity of the Health declaration, as I understood this permit to be active until the midnight on the day it was applied for, so it was best to complete the form after midnight so that you had 24 hours until the next midnight, and M insisted that it was valid for 24 hours from the time you submitted the form.

As the discussion got more heated I realized that I was becoming defensive, so I opened myself to the possibility that I might be wrong as well as that I saw M was quite a pedantic person, I decided to review the Health declaration document that I had just completed where I then became aware that M was actually correct, and acknowledged this to him much to my consternation. LOL LAMOF

What I took from this interaction is that no matter how much I am effected by M’s attitudes or behaviour, is that I am not going to be able to understand the learning that M’s mirror is presenting while I am busy engaging him in his game.

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