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  • Joy, versus happiness

Happy Month of March! Already! :)

I hear about all the stirrings of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and I am happy for all my NH friends! It seems to have been a long covid winter for a lot of you. There is also a part of me that is jealous! Lol! I love Spring! However, summer is still here down at the tip of Africa, with the evening light waning earlier. And it is now hotter than it has been all summer! so no complaints from me on that score☺

A week ago, I was on an early evening group call where the leader initiated the call with a grounding meditation. The front door behind me was wide open. My eyes were closed, feet on the floor. I hear the words “I am connected”. On my lower right-hand side, I feel a whoosh, followed by a sound of wings. I open my eyes, somewhat startled at the physical sensations of the woosh – and reflected in the glazing on a picture over my head I see a dove flying out the door! At the end of the meditation the leader gave feedback that she was in awe, sitting there in California, watching as a (male) dove down the tip of Africa flies in behind me, does a quick loop next to me and out again. Such a message of connectedness for the whole group around the world!

The next morning, I am on another call. As my buddy shared a celebration she had about our staying “connected” weekly for 5 years that day, in the reflection in the glass above my head I see the dove fly in again through the open door, circle over and high above my head – and fly out the door again! All three of us on the call see the dove come in and fly out again and sit quietly as we contemplated the connection we have with each other.

Later on that day I am sitting quietly working on my own – and in comes the dove again, flies twice in a wide circle above me and then flies to the window and sits on one of the burglar bars. I get up to open wider the windows so the dove can fly out, but he stays where he is. I am talking to him all the time and whilst both of us are a bit anxious at first, he quietens down quickly. He then allows me to pick him up, with no reacting or pecking at me. I carry him gently outside and open my hands. He stays there, not in any hurry – and then gently opens his wings and takes flight up into the tree over the road.

That trust, that pause and then that flight to freedom left me in a state of joy that lasted a long, long time. I am connected. I always have been. And then some days I forget - and on those days I revert to seeking that ever elusive goal called happiness.

Those messages from my new winged friend came at a time when a close and special friend of mine was in hospital, dealing with very severe and life-threatening symptoms, and whilst he was and is handling his challenges with the spirit of a true warrior, my human side was very concerned for my friend and what he could be enduring through and as a result of his surgeries. By re-connecting with my own spirt I could connect with his spirit and convey my love and care for him in a joyous way. As my un-happiness abated, I was once again at peace. All is as it should be, as we embark on the next leg of our Journey of Adjustment.

“Joy, my friend, is NOT something that happens to you when your life is panning out the way you want it to, for that is what is commonly known as happiness! Instead, JOY is the result of an INNER state of beingness - a QUIETNESS and a deep-seated sense of PEACE that comes from KNOWING that you are being utterly IMPECCABLE in your every thought, emotion and action.“


Southerly Stalker