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  • Joy, versus happiness

Some time ago I was invited to an online talk show to share about our company and our technology. And specifically the host of the show wanted to know more of the big picture vision so to speak. So I put together a very interesting presentation, some very clever looking slides with a good mixture of personal stories. And the last question to me during the show supposed to be a question about my biggest dream. I thought about it for a moment and the answer was clear: What I am doing and where I am right now IS my dream. I wish for no other life. LOL!

"We do NOT dictate the waves of the SEA, and neither do we dictate destiny! Destiny simply IS. Fate simply IS. Therefore true freedom means having GIVEN ourselves the freedom to follow our hearts impeccably. Consequently as warriors we may EN-JOY the journey, but it is a fool\'s game to pursue the goal, and happiness is the most desired goal upon the planet. :)"

And to emphasize this point exactly, life decided to have some fun when the time came for the talk show. As soon as the host started to introduce me, my internet connection dropped dead. I am sitting and looking at the blank screen and just wondering how it looked like on the other side when I disappeared during the first minute of the event.... But then a few minutes later my connection miraculously comes back just in time for me to open my mouth! LOL! I launched into my presentation with elation of having my internet back .... just to have my slides ... froze on the screen! The tech team could not advance slides for me and so I was left waving my hands passionately in the air trying to explain a complicated diagram I put together so carefully. Eventually the slides were back on but now half of my allocated time was gone and I am rushing through the reminder of the presentation like mad. Next, the tech team plays a wrong video clip and I am just making up my talk as I go because nothing, NOTHING is going according to the plan, LMAOF!

Anyway, I made my way towards the end of the talk show somehow. Zoom is switched off. And I am about to explode with all the mishaps but at the same time I am bursting with laughter! This was one absolutely mad presentation, certainly nothing like one of those boring scientific talks I used to be part of many years ago....

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