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  • New, the, versus the Old

The theme for our planned May 2021 Retreat is “Freedom and Change” and we shared that “this needs an approach of natural simplicity. Quite simply, this means that we need to cast off that old self-image of ours that trips us up again and again. This is all about turning inwards, learning that our inner being is simplicity itself. It requires maturity, a fluidity in our perception of life unfolding, a shifting of the focus from winning or losing to striving to learn about ourselves”.

Exactly a year ago, here in South Africa, I had just made it back into Cape Town from Europe as all our international borders closed and we went into hard lockdown – for 3 weeks!! Weeeellll, that is what we were told….. we all know now where that 3 weeks went and here we are one year later, still in varying ways experiencing lockdowns and limits on our freedom in one way or another!

Back then I shared

“Let us take heart, my friends, let us take courage at this time!

Let us therefore rather focus upon the light instead and set our intent upon a new world in which peace and plenty will bring harmony to all life upon our wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful planet. Let us decide to take heart and courage, for never before in the history of life upon Earth have the stakes been so high, and never before has the opportunity for humanity been so awesome”

This still holds true, even though so much water has flowed under the bridge since then. Which brings me to our theme for this month of April: -

"The New that the Spirit brings"

“.. life on the edge is for ever nascent, the warrior lives in a state of constant flux and change. Where there is continuous change there can be no sense of security, and the advantage in this is that the apprentice, and the warrior for that matter, is constantly kept alert and on his toes. Since there is no opportunity for becoming complacent the apprentice has no option other than to start fighting for sobriety in the moment, so as not to become swamped by a continuously growing pile of uncertain events”

The only thing I am finding in my life that is certain right now is - uncertainty itself! Lol! Besides month end deadlines and paying taxes, that is! Lol

So, what does my life look like on this 1st April 2021 – April Fool’s Day!? Lol!

I take stock of my “uncertain events!” ;-)

  • Home-less in Cape Town come the end of April – do I search and rent? For how long?
  • Planned courses in Europe, Estonia – June
  • No certainty that courses will take place in Europe - cut-off date end April
  • Travel to EU in May – the so-called covid SA variant means I am not welcome in the EU – can I even fly out of here? Are there any flights?
  • If I use my EU visa to get a repatriation flight – and a flight out is available for me, does this mean
  • Negative covid test first for travel – no guarantee it will be negative?
    • quarantine 14 days in Slovakia – 2 more covid tests to leave there?
  • To Estonia – Is the host country open for business?
  • Negative covid test at airport?
    • and then a FURTHER 10 days self-isolation?
    • another covid test to be negative so as to facilitate the course?
  • In Estonia – will they even be out of lockdown by then? Can participants attend?
  • My return ticket to Cape Town -
  • After Estonia –
    • do I stay in Europe?
    • will anywhere in the EU end of June not still be in lockdown?
    • Fly back to CT - and find a home?

LOL! I will stop there! You get the picture!

How am I feeling about all this uncertainty! Notice, I say FEEL! If I THINK about it my knees go weak and my brain spins! I know, I tried it! I am guessing your own eyes have gone squint at all the variables!

So how do I FEEL? Excited, I am! My little self has NO idea what is going to happen next! And in all honesty, it never has Lol! I just THOUGHT It did!

I have to believe that ALL is as it should be, and all is going according to plan!

One of the most profound implications inherent within the concept of living on the edge is the fact that this is where life is for ever new, for ever nascent. Consequently, for the warrior living on the edge, life is never stagnant or repetitious, or boring.

So whatever your life looks like this 2021 April Fool’s Day, I invite you to accept what is - and to join me in having fun with all the learning to come!

Southerly Stalker

PS Practically speaking, as I traverse this period of transition, I am focusing on what I call the Big 5 (in SA we have the Big 5 wildlife animals) – Sleep, food, meditation; movement and gratitude (with the emphasis on connection).