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  • Perception, ARTICLE ON

My wife and I visited today a lovely very old historical place that is considered sacred. It is situated close to the sea and surrounded by a beautiful forest. The day was sunny and warm.

We walked for some time in the forest before arriving to the main assembly of huge stones that form the old Thracian temple. The feeling was great and resonated with my inner peace I was into.

We enjoyed the main site very much! So, we decided to go deeper into the forest outside of the tourist area. We discovered many other stones assemblies. As I was climbing and hoping over the stones, I re-awaken my childhood love to climb big stones.

There was a clearing between some stones and we encountered a tortoise. It let me stroke it gently on the head. I am always amazed how animals respond when one is in peace.

After that as I was hoping from stone to stone I heard a sound behind me and my wife said loudly:
Apparently, as she told me, the snake was quite big and I stepped right next to it without the snake sensing me. Well, I did not see the snake either but once again my perception shows me the power of peace that is also unity!

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