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  • Perception, ARTICLE ON

Over the past years I have been working and sitting in front of my computer more and more, and exercising less and less. When I felt the need to go out I would go for a walk or a bike ride, and I enjoyed these activities, and especially walking and hiking. Because I went out sporadically my body had the time to recover. Thankfully too, my body and health have always been strong and resilient. This has meant that I have been able to take up exercising and activities without a lot of training.

Several months ago I decided to join a trail running group in order to increase my level of fitness, and to get out in nature more in the company of other people. From an early age, running was my favourite activity and I felt exhilarated by the sense of freedom and exhilaration that running gave me.

I found the same sense of freedom and exhilaration when I started with my running group. However, the speed and intensity and the frequency of the meetings meant that my body was taking a lot more strain that it was used to and my recovery times were slower. During these times I questioned my perception of exercising and being in nature. I decided that I did not want it to be sporadic, but a regular part of my life, and therefore I needed to drop the intensity and the speed, and to increase the frequency of my outings.

As a result of this change in perception my body is thanking me for the regular outings I am now going on and I am acknowledging the gift that being out in the sunshine and nature are bringing to myself.