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  • Edge, the, living on, versus living in uncertainty

"The warrior knows that his death is constantly stalking him; therefore whatever time he has is a most priceless gift."

The presence of death as an actual force makes a very powerful impact on perception. You talk with a friend, make a joke or share a curious observation or a deep feeling, and then a few days later he is no longer with you. He has died but you are still here, remembering that conversation.

After S passed away, several times I registered a thought that planning into the future is hugely overrated! LOL! And that led me to a feeling that precisely because of completely unpredictable flow of power, the opportunity to experience the moment of NOW is absolutely unique.

Over the weekend together with A. we've visited our friends at their summer house. We were sitting outside around a fire, making a barbecue and talking. Suddenly I was washed over by a vivid perception of the coloured grass, flowers, trees, reddish clouds with birds chirping and the smell of cooking. Nothing has changed on the outside but internally I felt my perception going from slow leisurely pace to full UltraHD.

We carried on talking but now I felt that what I am sharing and perceiving will echo for as long as I live. I was at peace but also feeling so joy-full that I am having that precise moment to the full!

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