Edge, the, living on, versus living in uncertainty from Family Posts

  • Edge, the, living on, versus living in uncertainty

“Full awareness naturally also includes anticipating the unexpected, because the warrior knows he is living in a fluid universe pervaded by the unpredictable quirks of power.Therefore, whenever a warrior has to make a decision, he will always do so taking into account the fact that he does not presume to know beforehand what the outcome of his decision will be. By accepting the unknown the warrior never falls into the trap of assuming that he does not need to be fully aware.”

The warrior’s shield is experienced as one and there is no need to think about it - I have it on all the time and with every experience it is appreciated and polished till it naturally turns into openness of heart.

Now I am confident in a real sense because I don’t rely on the self-image but on something solid - my inner knowing. Inner knowing that does not experience itself as separate from life. Inner knowing that is full awareness.

I went to a dentist that was recommended as a holistic dentist, prompted by an inner urge to take better care of my teeth. I knew that the dentist charges higher prices than the standard ones.

The procedure lasted for over 3 hours. I did enjoy the patience that I and also the dentist expressed. When the bill came it was not just high but way higher then high. I did not blink and it happened to have enough money with me. Naturally, the unexpected was included with no effect of moaning.

The experience itself brought me a gift: I felt the wave of care washing over me. The care of life’s intelligence that guides each step. Spontaneous recapitulations are happening since then on the same wavelength of care from life. Many experiences that in the past were considered dramatic were exposed to what they were - life gently guiding me out of mis-chief. I laughed a lot. Because I saw how life still let me experience so many things and yet always being there to make sure I did not steer away from the path that my heart is set on.

I walk a path with heart and as it continues unfolding, a new dignity is awoken with a solemn kind of tone to it.

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