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My experience in sales has been also a journey in erasing personal history.

When I started I would display a sense of inferiority and also a lack of belief in self. Because of this, I attracted to myself potential clients who were “know-alls” and who were determined to prove their knowledge. At the same time, I attracted clients who were rude and simply shut the door in my face. Initially, I took this very personally. However, after one occasion when I had yet another rejection, I sat down and realised that I needed to change my approach, and this very much included changing my belief in self. The first thing was not to take the refusals personally, but to get an understanding of where the client was coming from and what I needed to do to understand their needs and to meet their needs.

This was quite a process and did not happen overnight, but I found that as I started to listen more, instead of trying hard to sell to the clients or trying to educate them, the communication would open up more easily and this led to a greater understanding and also trust.

More and more, I found that I was simply asking the potential client about their needs, what their conditions were, how they had dealt with their problems in the past, and as a result, they would share with me their journey in healing. I would then point out some of the benefits of our technology, without trying to push them in any way. Because of their experiences, people often resent being sold to, for example, like the proverbial car showroom dealer who is constantly at your elbow.

I found that simply through listening, asking questions and just presenting information that might assist them was the most powerful way. A while ago I received confirmation of this when a potential client said to me, “do you know why you are so successful at sales?“ “No” I replied. “It is because you do not sell to people, they buy from you.“

This has been a great lesson in learning to believe in myself, and also in trusting the process of life.