Théun Mares

Théun Mares was born in Zimbabwe, of a mother who was a natural seer, and a father who was a miner. Having a seer’s ability himself, Théun was trained from an early age in this path and in the disciplines of the Toltec tradition. Toltec means "A man or woman of knowledge," and the Toltec tradition encompasses a vast and ever-expanding system of knowledge about life, the universe and the part we play within both.

Drawing upon his knowledge of the fundamental unity of all of life, Théun used his seer’s skills and training to uncover the essential truths that lie at the heart of all true religions and beliefs systems. In his books, he reveals the nature of these core truths, which have so often become distorted, corrupted and lost with the passage of time. He also shows how we can use these truths in a practical manner to revolutionise our thinking, our behaviour and our world.

Théun’s career spanned the breadth of the performing arts, education and business. The overall aim of his work is firstly, to rekindle in all of us the knowledge that the whole purpose of life is the evolution of awareness, and secondly, to imbue in us an understanding of how this is best achieved.

His message is that the only possible way for us to create a hope-filled future, rather than a world filled with destruction, is by developing the openness of heart to embrace all of life fully, rather than by becoming separative, divisive and by indulging in escapisms.

Embracing all of life involves meeting all our challenges head-on, rather than running away from them. It involves developing and maintaining respect for the world in which we live and for life in general; it involves acknowledging that all our actions have an impact on those around us, and it also involves the constant willingness to respond – to take action – based upon the feedback we are getting from our lives. For the only thing of lasting value in life upon the physical plane is to live it all, to experience it all, to embrace it all: the good with the bad, and so to develop the sense of utter inclusiveness, which is the mark of a passionate, alive and truly human, being with a heart.


Toltec is a very ancient word and it quite literally means a man or woman of knowledge. It is as simple as that – a man or a woman of knowledge.

Yet in this context it is also useful to know that we describe knowledge as knowledge of self and knowledge of life, because there is not a difference between self and life. We are alive or if you like, a life, and therefore, we are one with life. So when we speak about knowledge of self, versus knowledge of life, it is really one and the same thing – self representing the microcosm, life representing the macrocosm. And of course, the microcosm and the macrocosm are one.

Théun Mares has written in total seven volumes which elucidate the various concepts and techniques of the Warrior’s Path. These are needed by the serious student who wishes to learn how to apply the Toltec teachings in a practical manner, so as to draw full benefit from having the knowledge to handle the varied challenges found within daily life.

Toltec Legacy

The material contained in this website forms the most valuable tool possible for the sincere student of the Toltec teachings who wishes to understand how to apply the teachings, as presented in the books, in a truly meaningful and practical way to his or her everyday life.

This unique online teaching facility created by Théun, contains, in addition to the books, an extensive database of practical material and guidance, as well as an interactive forum.

Unique Relationship Courses 
from The Institute for the Study of Man

Life is a most priceless gift, but if we are to savour the full beauty of this gift we must be able to relate to ourselves and to those around us in a meaningful and fulfilling manner. We show you how to handle relationships with skill, for at the end of the day all of life is about relationships.

“What makes my heart sing is to help those people who need clarity in their relationships to help themselves.” - Elizabeth Schnugh, founder of the Institute.

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